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We are Wallace Metalwork the manufacturer of Mephisto caulking, plumbing and other speciatly tools. We forge Mephisto tools the same way they have been made for over 185 years. Our tools are 100% made in the U.S.A.

Wholesale to the trade.

We make:

  • Mephisto Calking Irons for lead pipe joints.
  • Mephisto Packing Irons
  • Mephisto Yarning Tools
  • Trimming Tools
  • Forge Tongs
  • Galvanizing Tongs
  • Lifting tools
  • more. . .

We make forged steel tools using open die forging machines and blacksmith methods as it has been done for centuries.

What are Caulking Irons?

Caulking irons are used in ship building and in leaded cast iron pipe joints. In pipe joints oakum (a rope like substance made from jute, tar and Bentonite clay) is packed into the joint using a "yarning" iron. The combination of jute and Bentonite will swell when moist and make a tight joint. Melted lead is poured into the joint covering the oakum. As the lead cools it shrinks and becomes loose. To tighten the lead caulking irons are used to hammer the lead into the recessed end of the pipe joint. This makes a sturdy permanent seal.

Due to various pipe sizes and joint angles and the difficulty of getting to them there are dozens of size and shape caulking and yarning irons.

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Made in USA

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