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Steel Mill Tongs 102714 and 102713 A

Specialty Tongs

We manufacture tongs for steel mills, industrial forge shops, rolling mills galvanizing plants and other heavy industries.

Our tongs are forged using open die blacksmith forging methods that require a high degree of skill and experience. These methods allow us to make a great variety of tongs without expensive tooling.

  • Bar Tongs
  • Billet Tongs
  • Slab Tongs
  • Feeder Tongs
  • Sheet Tongs
  • Plain or Ball End Reins
  • We can make tongs to your drawings or sample.

    Billet Tongs : 7" Dia, 30" Reins. Made for diameters from 3" to 14"
    Special Steel Mill Tongs Sheet Mill Pulling Tongs

    selection of steel mill tongs on anvil Selection of Steel Mill Tongs

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